Last Stand of the Earth Defense Command
Last Stand of the Earth Defense Command
Event Dates
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November 26, 2014 December 2, 2014
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Signature Series featuring Marcelo Martere Belly of the Beast



"The DECEPTICONS attempt to get their hands on the plasma energy chamber, in order to further their goal of universal conquest. But HIGHBROW, CHROMEDOME, BRAINSTORM, and HARDHEAD recover the key and escape the depths of Cybertron in their overcharged ship. Sent spinning out of control, the ship ends up crash landing on Earth, leaving the AUTOBOTS badly in need of repair.

APEFACE and SKULLCRUNCHER, sent to retrieve the key so that the DECEPTICONS can use its power to destroy the Earth Defense Command and conquer the Earth, arrive shortly after the AUTOBOTS’ crash. Working together with some anti-Earth government forces, the duo prepare to ambush HIGHBROW and his allies.

Meanwhile, some agents of the Earth Defense Command have found the crashed Cybertonian ship and begin to render aid. Just as the AUTOBOTS are getting back on their feet, the DECEPTICONS and their partners begin their brutal assault.

Will HIGHBROW and the Earth Defense Command master their fighting abilities and prevail over the DECEPTICONS? Or will APEFACE and SKULLCRUNCHER crush the heads of their AUTOBOT foes and eliminate the E.D.F.? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “Last Stand of the Earth Defense Command”!"


"Working with their friends from the Earth Defense Command, HIGHBROW and the other AUTOBOTS are able to prevent the DECEPTICONS from retrieving the key to the plasma energy chamber. However, while the battle is won, SKULLCRUNCHER and APEFACE return to their temporary base, already planning their counterattack."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Apeface (1) 16x Attack Bonus

Apeface (1) Weapon

Skullcruncher (2) 10x Attack Bonus

Skullcruncher (2) Weapon

Point Reward CardsEdit

Brawl (2) 4x Attack Bonus

Brawl (2) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Highbrow (2)

Highbrow (2) Weapon

Chromedome (1)

Chromedome (1) Weapon

Brainstorm (2)

Brainstorm (2) Weapon

Hardhead (1)

Hardhead (2) Weapon

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