Me, Grimlock, King
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June 18, 2014 June 24, 2014
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July 3, 2014 July 8, 2014
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Rushdown Road Signature Series
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Signature Series Fire on the Mountain

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

"ME, GRIMLOCK, AM STRONGEST! ME, GRIMLOCK, SHOULD BE KING!" Over the course of several battles, Megatron and Shockwave have managed to get the idea into Grimlock's head that, as the strongest Autobot, he should be the leader. "You always say that you are the strongest. Now prove it!" For the most part, Grimlock ignores this as he proceeds to smash in Decepticon heads, but the ideas linger.

"NOT FIGHTING BORING. ME, GRIMLOCK, WANT FIGHT NOW!" Tired of the lulls in combat after the Autobots drive the Decepticons back to their hidden base, Grimlock finally decides that the best way to keep the fighting going is to take over the Autobots. He and the other Dinobots make their move while Optimus Prime and Wheeljack are out on a mission, quickly overwhelming their teammates and taking control of the Autobot base.

"ME, GRIMLOCK, KING!" Now the "king" of the Autobots, Grimlock has the Dinobots begin preparations to launch a full assault on the Decepticons. Optimus Prime and Wheeljack, just returned from their travels, try to intervene, but are brushed aside by the mighty Dinobots. Meanwhile, Megatron and Shockwave prepare for the inevitable attack, looking forward to the destruction it will bring to their Autobot foes.

"KING GRIMLOCK LIKE KICKING DECEPTICON BUTT!" Can Optimus Prime stop Grimlock before he goes too far? Will Megatron be able to goad their new "king" into destroying the other Autobots? Find out in TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS - ME, GRIMLOCK, KING!

Epilogue[edit | edit source]


 As Optimus, Wheeljack, and the Dinobots begin the process of repairing the Ark, Megatron and Shockwave disable their guards and escape from the Autobots’ holding area. As they fly off into the night, Megatron reflects on the day’s events and says, “Still “King”, eh? This may still come in handy yet.”

Space Bridge Cards[edit | edit source]

Optimus Prime (7) 16x Attack

Optimus Prime (7) Weapon

Megatron (8) 16x Attack

Megatron (8) Weapon

Wheeljack (5) 10x Attack

Wheeljack (5) Weapon

Shockwave (8) 10x Attack

Shockwave (8) Weapon

Reward Cards[edit | edit source]

King Grimlock (7)

King Grimlock (7) Weapon

Sludge (5)

Sludge (5) Weapon

Swoop (5)

Swoop (5) Weapon

Snarl (4)

Snarl (4) Weapon

Slug (5)

Slug (5) Weapon

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