Megatron Origins
Megatron Origins
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March 4, 2015 March 10, 2015
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Rules of Disengagement Signature Series featuring Casey Coller



"MEGATRON, an energon miner, is present when SENATOR RATBAT arrives to shut down the operation he works at. Angered at the treatment of one of his fellow miners by the Senator’s guards, MEGATRON retaliates, accidentally killing the guard and getting himself arrested.

Aboard the prison transport vessel, the now-former miner is convinced by some fellow inmates to lead a shipboard revolt, and does so. The ship, now under MEGATRON’S control, heads for the city of Kaon, where he and his new allies begin to plot against the forces working against them.

Elsewhere, SENTINEL PRIME learns of the situation, and sends ALPHA TRION to deal with it. After some preliminary research, the erstwhile AUTOBOT tracks the revolt’s instigators to the gladiator pits of Kaon.

While waiting to initiate the plans that he and his group have created, MEGATRON joins the local gladiatorial games, where he becomes accustomed to dispatching his foes. In one of his battles, he loses an arm, only for it to be replaced by parts from fallen combatants. As he rises through the ranks, it becomes clear that only one thing stands in his way - CLENCH.

Will MEGATRON be able to defeat CLENCH and execute the plan he’s been working towards? Will ALPHA TRION discover what hidden plot the gladiator has wrought? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Megatron Origins”!"


"ALPHA TRION exposes SENATOR RATBAT to SENTINEL PRIME, as the force behind the shutdown of the mine where MEGATRON worked, leading the Senator to flee for his life. Meanwhile, MEGATRON’S plan to take over Kaon succeeds. With this step complete, he turns his optics towards the next - conquering the entirety of Cybertron."


Easy: Energon Mines

Medium: City of Kaon

Hard: Gladiator Pits


Space BridgeEdit

Sentinel Prime (3) 16x Attack Bonus

Sentinel Prime (3) Weapon

Alpha Trion (3) 10x Attack Bonus

Alpha Trion (3) Weapon


Clench (1)

Clench (1) Weapon

Senator Ratbat (1)

Senator Ratbat (1) Weapon

Clench (2)

Clench (2) Weapon

Senator Ratbat (2)

Senator Ratbat (2) Weapon

Point RewardEdit

Senator Ratbat (1) Weapon

Boss CaptureEdit

Senator Ratbat (1) 5x Attack Bonus

Megatron (17) 5x Attack Bonus

Clench (2) 5x Attack Bonus

Senator Ratbat (2) 5x Attack Bonus


Megatron (17) Weapon

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