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  • Conditions of a necro thread:

    1. The initial discussion has concluded either because a sufficient answer was been reached or there have been no posts (that do not create a necro thread) for a significant about of time.
    2. The thread receives new posts that either merit their own thread, are completely unrelated to the initial discussion, or do not add useful information.

    Your comment on Login problem creates a necro thread due to the combination of the following:

    1. The last post was approximately 2 years ago.

    Please refrain from doing this again.

    To address your issue, the game was taken down at the end of September 2015. The servers are no longer running and the game has no device-native gameplay. At this point DeNa, the company that owns the game, has even taken down the archived blog posts for the game. This includes the shutdown notice so it will be hard to find much information about the game. However, this wiki stays up as an independent fan-based source of information about what the game was.

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