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  • Hey GoC. In my email, I said I would make a thread on your wall with some info to get you up to speed on what's going on; so here it is. I don't remember exactly when each thing happened so it is possible that some of this you already know about "from way back then". Also, a lot has happened so I might forget some things.

    Big Picture - Wikia


    Not necessarily in chronological order

    1. Attemps to be more mobile-friendly
      • Introduction (and removal) of community apps. These are mobile apps for individual communities available on iOS and Android. They were only given to communities that met certain criteria.
      • Introduction of the FANDOM app. Similar to the community apps but all in one app.
      • Introduction of mobile skin and mobile-only homepage
      • Introduction of portable infoboxes. This is a Wikia-made XML-like language for infoboxes that allows Wikia to render infoboxes differently but predictably depending on the device.
      • Replacement of Forum with Discussions/Community Feed. More on this in a different section.
    2. Reactions to new legislation (EU's GDPR)
      • Those from EU countries can have their accounts closed AND anonymized.
      • Removal of all skins aside from mobile (mercury) and primary desktop (oasis).
        • This has also prompted a change to how site CSS works. A lot of previously available stylsheets are no longer used.
    3. Introduction of UserRenameTool
      • Automated account rename script that users can initiate on their own.
      • Still limites to one rename per account (including pre-tool renames).
      • Although not officially announced, circumstances suggest that this was a reason for changing how threaded discussion features work.
        • Wikia ran a script across the entire farm renaming every single thread comment (i.e. posts like this one).
    4. Replacement of Semantic MediaWiki with DynamicPageList. More on this in a different section.
    5. Introduction of interwiki search page
    6. Rework of internal search algorithm
    7. Reactions to security threats
      • Further restrictions on permitted HTML
      • System messages are now not editable by default. Only whitelisted messages can be edited.
    8. Branding
      • Effort for uniform branding has resulting in stricture customization rules.
      • Renamed from Wikia to FANDOM
      • Domain split from to and
    9. Other wiki platforms
      • Answer wikis have been discontinued
      • Introduction and discontinuation of Community Builder wikis
    10. Merger with Curse Media. Wikia now runs this wiki farm and the Gamepedia wiki farm.
    11. Change in hadnling of non-English wikis
      • Each non-English wiki used to be either a subdomain (ex. or its own domain (
      • Each non-English wiki is now part of the Egnlish domain (ex.
      • There have also been some corresponding changes to how things such as the image database work.
    12. Anouncement of the Unified Community Platform project.
      • Essentially a complete overhaul of Wikia's old, outdated, and unmaintainable current platform to a more recent version of MediaWiki. This will supposedly also make the FANDOM and Gamepedia platforms identical (or nearly so) as well as merge the FANDOM and Gamepedia user databases.
      • Still in planning
      • Will take advantage of new built-in mobile features
      • Will allow for use of new/updated MediaWiki extensions
    13. Introduction of Special:Analytics and Special:Insights in addition to the older maintainance-related pages
    14. Forum highlight feature replaced with Announcements feature
    15. Introduction of new editors
      • VisualEditor for articles
      • InfoboxBuilder for portable infobox templates
    16. Changes to various links in local navigation header

    I am probably forgetting a few things but I can post them as I remember them. Also, I haven't provided any links to additional information since I don't know if you even care about any of this. If you do, let me know and I can provide some more information and/or links to additional information.

    Our Wiki

    Wiki participation fell in about 3 stages. There was the post-game-closure-announcement drop, the post-game-closure drop, and then the final drop a few months after that. Beyond that, it was mostly just me and Casualkirk; who hasn't been around in a while now. Given that, changes on the wiki have been beyond slow as there are few of us and there doesn't seem to be much urgency in the tasks. That being said, Casualkirk and I still wanted to eventually get the wiki into a better state. Here is a list of some of the initial tasks.

    1. Enforce standardized naming conventions for both pages and files
    2. Deal with duplicate card names
    3. Update the Cyberdex
      • I ended up designing a whole new layout because loading 300+ tabs all at once (with 9 images per tab) isn't fiendly to most devices.
    4. Clean-up redirects
    5. Take note of (and eventually fix) suspicious activity on the wiki and/or questionable card data

    I think that is most of it. Like I said, between the low number of participants and the sharp drop in viewers, progress on these tasks has been more than sluggish. However, with the large changed happening to the platform as a whole, here are two additional tasks that need completion.

    1. Converting our use of Semantic MediaWiki to DynamicPageList.
      • Converting all of our card list pages.
      • Losing the use of Special:Ask which, according to Special:Analytics, is one of the currently most-viewed pages.
      • Losing the use of edit forms.
        • Hopefully, Wikia will be able to add the DPL version of edit forms once the new platform is ready.
      • It seems that certain aspects of this extension have already stopped working. For example, Special:WantedPages is showing old links that used to be on the cardlist pages but no longer are.
      • Wikis that already had Semantic MediaWiki were allowed to keep it but support is no longer provided.
      • It is not clear if Semntaic MediaWiki will be carried over to the new platform.
    2. Preparing for the replacement of Forum with Discussions/Community Feed
      • Discussions/Community Feed is a mobile-friendly discussion feature that new wikis have instead of Forum.
      • Wikis that already have Forum can voluntarily convert to/enable Discussions.
      • Wikia will begin forcing conversion mid-January.
      • Conversion is automatic but Discussions supports only text, basic formatting (i.e. italics and bold), a new poll feature, and images from a separate image database.
      • Discussions does not support wikitext and is, for all intents and purposes, completely disconnected from the actual wiki.
      • Converted content will have a final HTML rendering made.
        • Still no guarentee it will come out right.
        • Further editing is possible but will likely ruin the posts even more.
      • See here for a recent discussion (there are many more) regarding the transition.

    Due to the disconintued support for Semantic MediaWiki (and, by dependency, edits forms) I had to make some custom JS to replicate previous edit button behavior. I took the opportunity to add an "Create with Form" button as well. Unfortunately, none of that will matter if we aren't allowed to keep Semantic MediaWiki when the new platform rolls out. With regards to converting Forum, I am looking into the only other alternative, wiki-style forums. Unfortunately, Wikia is not providing a script for converting from Forum to wiki-style forums. I am working with someone on Community Central to try had create a script for it. Converting to wiki-style forums will allow us to keep the wikitext versions of the Forum posts. To this end, I have also created the necessary wiki-style forum "boards" as well as made some useful modifications to the out-of-the-box templates used for wiki-style forums. The wiki-style forum equivalent to Special:Forum is Forum:Index. Wiki-style forums are technically still "archived" on our wiki but as admins we can still make edits. As for Discussions, I haven't had it enabled yet.

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    • I certainly do care about what's going on... and I'd like to be of as much help as possible. The predominant issue is I don't do coding at all. However, I can read code just fine (I was a programming major... but for a brief period of time that ended 25 years ago... so I can maneuver through code but have no idea how to actually write it), enough to handle at least tasks 1, 2, and 4 in the first list, and probably 5 depending on depth of task.

      It sounds like you actually know how to write the code... if so, that's you... but what I will do is whatever needs doing that doesn't require me to actually code. ;)

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    • Whatever you do would be appreciated. As I said, even I haven't been all that active given the combination of low traffic and the game being closed. I have basically just been taking it one step at a time. As long as we do that, it will get done eventually. The platform updates give us a deadline with respect to those specific tasks but, as far as I am aware, there is no particular rush on anything else.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • See here.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you know where is it? I have over 400 and I don't see the bridge anywhere.

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    • First of all, don't forget I have quit this game. ;)

      That being said, I've heard about this. My sources say there is no way to spend the chronogon. I'd open a ticket and demand answers... not that that's likely to get you anywhere, but I'm sure there have been many tickets already opened on this issue, so make sure your voice is "heard." ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, God of Cyanide, I have a friend who recently quit TFL and got back into it. I know you greatly dislike the game but can you lend him one of your alts, as you don't play anymore?

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  • Casualkirk and I have been talking about revising the category structure for cards. Right now, all the categories are on the same level. However, I can change it so that there are subcategories. For instance, Category:Characters would be a subcategory of Category:Cards. This would also allow the pages to be automatically included in the upper-level categories instead of manually placing each page in each category.


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    • Nope, not yet. Like I said, if Casualkirk is going to be considered as well, he has my support. However, I won't say anything unless you think it would be appropriate.

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    • Once I install you as admin (probably later tonight), I'll start a new thread for Kirk. I'm sure I'll get the same responses. Feel free to weigh in when that thread is made. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Has there been any changes to forum permissions? I was going to clean up the spam and vandalism thread when I realized that I can no longer remove posts other than my own. Oddly, the rollback permission still lets me edit them. In case you are curious, I believe it was The13thPrime that gave me that permission. I cannot remember for sure.

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    • Okay. So it is a change with wikia. The reason why I brought this up in the first place was because I thought it was odd wikia would let me edit other peoples' posts but not remove them. It seems to me, although wikia apparently doesn't agree, that editing someone's post should require a higher level of permission than simply removing it. It was really just a curious question based on observation. I am perfectly fine not being able to do that stuff.

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    • I think both editing and removing should be on the same level. Wikia is odd to me in a lot of respects, but I'm used to using regular non-Wikia forums, so I've generally just shrugged my shoulders and dealt with issues as they arise. ;)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi GoC as per our discussion earlier I would be keen to join any team. Thanks Skyfireprime

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • i found a ??? wheeljack alot of points i forgot how mutch

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    • Yes, there are ?? bosses that have high health and high rewards. They used to be low health  and an easy way to get bc. However, Mobage has since made them tougher, rarer, and worth more point-wise.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just saw your message on the chat late, sorry

    And I have no idea about this post being ghosted thing u mentioned. Im not even sure I understand what you mean.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just realized my join date on this Wiki is 3 days before you! We OG :)

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    • PR0TENTIAL wrote:
      Just realized my join date on this Wiki is 3 days before you! We OG :)

      And I am 3 days before you! Have we been around a long time or what?

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    • A FANDOM user
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