Mockery Of Justice
Event Dates
Start End
January 15, 2014 January 21, 2014
Event Progression
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The Coronation Of Starscream 'Til All Are One



"The Trial of the century is about to commence and on the chopping block are Sergeant Kup and Rodimus! Grimlock and Swoop with their newfound allies Wreck-Gar and Wheelie come to the rescue!

The Quintesson judge continues his mockery of justice unabated, feeling safe behind his legions of Executioners and Sharkticons.

Who will come out the victor in this deadly game of judge, jury and Executioner?"


"The Quintesson Judge yells to his Sharkticons to EXECUTE THEM!  With a final roar and a mighty smash of his foot Grimlock says "Me, Grimlock, say EXECUTE them!"  The Sharkticons, turning on their cruel former master, now follow a new king.  Now that Rodimus and Sergeant Kup are safe, the remaining Autobots rush off to face an unknown enemy that threatens the Galaxy!"

Raid CardsEdit

Grimlock (5) - x5 Attack

Grimlock (5) Weapon

Swoop (4) - x3 Attack

Swoop (4) Weapon

Wheelie (2) - x2 Attack

Wheelie (2) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Quintesson Judge (1)

Quintesson Judge (1) Weapon

Sharkticons (1)

Sharkticons (1) Weapon

Wreck-Gar (2)

Wreck-Gar (2) Weapon

PvP Event MechanicsEdit

Photo 2013-09-18 10 21 32 PM
Photo 2013-09-18 10 18 47 PM
Photo 2013-09-18 10 19 09 PM

Photo 2013-09-18 10 21 11 PM
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