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Only Human
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Event Dates
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September 17, 2014 September 23, 2014
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More Than Meets The Eye Autobot Run


Based on The Transformers (G1) Season 3, Episode 23.


"RODIMUS, ULTRA MAGNUS, SPRINGER and ARCEE foil VICTOR DRATH’S attempt to steal the powerful, but volatile, Newtronium. DRATH, fed up with their constant interference, calls on the mercenary OLD SNAKE for help.

VICTOR DRATH lures the AUTOBOTS into a trap, and using OLD SNAKE’S technology, transfers their minds into the bodies of synthoids. OLD SNAKE convinces DRATH to use the now-mindless AUTOBOTS as weapons, by outfitting them with controls.

Meanwhile, as the RODIMUS and his friends get used to their new bodies, they learn that DRATH and OLD SNAKE are going to use their bodies to blow up AUTOBOT CITY. It is now a race against time, as the now-human AUTOBOTS try to warn the city and stop VICTOR DRATH’S forces.

Will the AUTOBOTS reclaim their bodies, or will they be trapped in them forever? Will OLD SNAKE be able to help VICTOR DRATH destroy AUTOBOT CITY and claim his revenge? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ONLY HUMAN”!"


"With the plan to destroy AUTOBOT CITY thwarted, RODIMUS and the others are restored to their original bodies. VICTOR DRATH is taken away to jail, but OLD SNAKE manages to escape. As he slithers away, a familiar battle cry rises from his throat, but is quashed by a coughing fit."

Easy campaign[]

Medium campaign[]

Hard campaign[]

Space Bridge Cards[]

Old Snake (1) 16x Attack Bonus

Old Snake (1) Weapon

Victor Drath (1) 10x Attack Bonus

Victor Drath (1) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Rodimus (5)

Rodimus (5) Weapon

Ultra Magnus (6)

Ultra Magnus (6) Weapon

Springer (1)

Springer (1) Weapon

Arcee (6)

Arcee (6) Weapon

Boss Capture Cards[]

Ultra Magnus (7) 5x Attack Bonus

Ultra Magnus (6) 5x Attack Bonus

Arcee (6) 5x Attack Bonus