Orion's Gambit
Orions Gambit
Event Dates
Start End
December 24, 2014 December 30, 2014
Event Progression
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All Hail Megatron Dweller in the Depths



"ORION PAX is ordered by ZETA PRIME to escort two DECEPTICON captives to a prisoner exchange. Unarmed, but thankfully accompanied by ALPHA TRION and NIGHTBEAT, the young AUTOBOT transports RACK’N’RUIN through the Rust Spot, when they are attacked by native beasts known as Slicers. The group is able to drive back the Slicers, and soon make it to their destination.

At the rendezvous point, the AUTOBOTS are met by BLUDGEON, who leads them to the DECEPTICONS’ base. As the exchange begins, ORION PAX and his allies are ambushed by their DECEPTICON hosts, and ALPHA TRION is taken hostage.

Despite overwhelming odds and being unarmed, ORION PAX and NIGHTBEAT begin to fight back, intent on retrieving their elderly friend. Much to the DECEPTICONS’ surprise, ORION PAX releases a hidden cache of weapons from within his trailer, and the AUTOBOTS gain the advantage.

Will the AUTOBOTS be able to rescue ALPHA TRION? Will BLUDGEON and the DECEPTICONS succeed in their sinister plans for the AUTOBOT elder? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends: “Orion’s Gambit”!"

Epilogue Edit

"Through a heroic effort, NIGHTBEAT and ORION PAX are able to rescue ALPHA TRION and return him to ZETA PRIME. But in the confusion, ORION PAX is captured, and strapped to the nose of a shuttle, which is set to crash into Iacon! What will the future hold for the young, doomed AUTOBOT?"

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Rack'n'Ruin (2) 16x Attack Bonus

Rack'n'Ruin (2) Weapon

Bludgeon (3) 10x Attack Bonus

Bludgeon (3) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Zeta Prime (1)

Zeta Prime (1) Weapon

Orion Pax (3)

Orion Pax (3) Weapon

Alpha Trion (2)

Alpha Trion (2) Weapon

Nightbeat (2)

Nightbeat (2) Weapon

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