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Prime Evil
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Event Dates
Start End
December 11, 2013 December 17, 2013
Event Progression
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Beast Wars The War Within



"Nova Prime, having come face-to-face with his future self, Nemesis Prime, understands the value and consequence of his present-day actions. He enlists the help of Roadbuster and Topspin as he battles to prevent that unbearable pall that his future shadow threatens to cast over an otherwise pure and free Cybertron.

Thriving on darkness and an unbridled lust for the Matrix, Nemesis Prime defies his former self. Along with Axer, Straxus, and the dreaded Thunderwing, he champions Cybertron’s grim fate, eager to destroy any semblance of the Autobots’ hope. From the distant corners of time and space, Galvatron silently observes this battle. To whom the victory goes is meaningless. He is the sole keeper of a savage truth. The futures of Cybertron and the Matrix are the mere whims of his majestic terror.“


"Nemesis Prime Triumphant!  Having defeated both Nova Prime and Galvatron has assured himself that the Darkness is all his!"

Raid Cards[]

Nova Prime (1) - x5 Attack

Nova Prime (1) Weapon

Nemesis Prime (2) - x5 Attack

Nemesis Prime (2) Weapon

Mirage (5) - x5 Attack

Mirage (5) Weapon

Axer (1) x3 Attack

Axer (1) Weapon

Topspin (1) - x3 Attack

Topspin (1) Weapon

Autobot Hound (4) - x2 Attack

Autobot Hound (4) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Galvatron (4)

Galvatron (4) Weapon

Thunderwing (1)

Thunderwing (1) Weapon

Straxus (1)

Straxus (1) Weapon

Roadbuster (1)

Roadbuster (1) Weapon