Raiding Party
Raiding Party
Event Dates
Start End
February 4, 2015 February 10, 2015
Event Progression
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Signature Series featuring Dan Khanna The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1



"Returning from a successful charity event, BLASTER, WINDCHARGER, and some of the other AUTOBOTS receive a distress signal from a nearby military base. The distress signal indicates that DECEPTICONS are involved, so the AUTOBOTS change course and head straight there.

Upon arrival, they find the base under attack from BLITZWING and the DECEPTICONS, who are searching for the highly volatile MacGuffin Generator. While one group destroys the base and drives off any human opposition, STRAXUS searches through the buildings, turning each one that does not contain the Generator to rubble.

BLASTER leads the charge, throwing the DECEPTICONS into disarray. But before long, BLITZWING rallies his allies, and the fight comes to a stalemate. While the two sides continue the battle, WINDCHARGER learns the location of the generator just as RUCKUS blasts the doors off of the building that houses it.

Will BLASTER and the AUTOBOTS be able to stop BLITZWING and the DECEPTICONS from stealing the MacGuffin Generator? What will happen if the DECEPTICONS activate the highly volatile device? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Raiding Party”!"


"After a taxing battle, the MacGuffin Generator is finally activated by BLITZWING, unleashing an immense amount of energy. This supercharges the DECEPTICONS, and they begin to overpower their foes. But just as the DECEPTICONS are about emerge victorious, the MacGuffin Generator explodes, throwing them far off into the distance. With the menace ended, the AUTOBOTS help repair the base."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Blaster (4) 16x Attack Bonus

Blaster (4) Weapon

Windcharger (3) 10x Attack Bonus

Windcharger (3) Weapon

Point Reward CardsEdit

Cliffjumper (8) 4x Attack Bonus (RMC at 30,000 pts / AMC at 120,000 pts)

Cliffjumper (8) Weapon (50,000 pts)

Reward CardsEdit

Blitzwing (1)

Blitzwing (1) Weapon

Ruckus (1)

Ruckus (1) Weapon

Straxus (3)

Straxus (3) Weapon

Ruckus (2)

Ruckus (2) Weapon

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