Rescue the King
Rescue The King
Event Dates
Start End
January 14, 2015 January 20, 2015
Event Progression
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All Hail Megatron Stormbringer



"SLUG and SNARL traverse the Sea of Rust, searching for their leader, the mighty GRIMLOCK. As they are about to give up on their search and look elsewhere, the group is suddenly set upon by HARDSHELL and the INSECTICONS.

The Lightning Strike Coalition put up a valiant fight, destroying many of their foes in the process, but in the end are captured by the overwhelming DECEPTICON forces. Shortly thereafter, they are brought before SHOCKWAVE and an unconscious GRIMLOCK.

Gesturing to their leader, SHOCKWAVE reveals to SLUG and SNARL that it was his plan all along to lure the Lightning Strike Coalition to him, so he could alter them to create new superweapons. With that, he begins his experiments on GRIMLOCK, the sounds of machinery filling the room.

Will the AUTOBOTS emerge unscathed and victorious, or will they be twisted by the alterations? What nefarious plans does SHOCKWAVE have for GRIMLOCK and his team? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Rescue the King”!"


"SHOCKWAVE’S experiment is a success, granting GRIMLOCK and his team even greater power. But the newly reborn Dinobots rise against their re-creator and use their new forms to wreak havoc upon him and his laboratory. He manages to barely escape, vowing vengeance as he does."

Easy CampaignEdit

Sea of Rust

Medium CampaignEdit

Decepticon Base

Hard CampaignEdit

Secret Lab

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Shockwave (12) 16x Attack Bonus

Shockwave (12) Weapon

Hardshell (5) 10x Attack Bonus

Hardshell (5) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Grimlock (12)

Grimlock (12) Weapon

Snarl (6)

Snarl (6) Weapon

Grimlock (13)

Grimlock (13) Weapon

Slug (6)

Slug (6) Weapon

Point Reward CardsEdit

Slug (5) Weapon

Boss Capture CardsEdit

Slug (5) 5x Attack Bonus

Snarl (6) 5x Attack Bonus

Grimlock (13)

Slug (6)

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