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'Til All Are One Dark Cybertron

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

"Thunderwing leads a band of Decepticons to overtake a Sun-Farming facility. Suspecting that the Autobots, lead by Sideswipe, are patrolling the area, Thunderwing tells Banzai-tron and Bludgeon to wait until the Autobots pass.

Unbeknownst to Thunderwing, a spy in the facility has alerted Sideswipe to the Decepticon plan. Sideswipe outlines a strategy, “Fastlane, Cloudbreaker, you’re going to hang back with me and wait for the Decepticons to attack. We will hold our ground and send these Decepti-chumps running back to Megatron with their tailpipes between their legs.”

The patrol passes and the facility seems quiet for the taking. In a burst of unfiltered rage, Thunderwing orders Bludgeon and the others to attack! To his surprise, Sideswipe and the Autobots are ready with a formidable defense as the two forces clash!"

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

"Come the morning, Thunderwing's forces take the main building.  Bludgeon's Energo-Sword cuts through the Autobot guards and he secures the precious Energon inside.  Sideswipe, despite his valiant efforts, is forced to retreat.  He's lost the battle, but the war carries on."

Easy campaign[edit | edit source]

Operation: Dawn Approaches

"Thunderwing launches his attack thinking the Sun-Farming facility will fall in moments.  That's when he sees the nearby star glinting off of Cloudraker's wings.  Ahhh, a real battle!"

Medium campaign[edit | edit source]

Operation: Hold the Line

"Bludgeon and Banzai-Tron are hammering the Autobot forces, but with a courageous spark, Sideswipe stoically fires his blaster and gives his troops one simple command-"Hold the line.""

Hard campaign[edit | edit source]

Operation: Price of a Mile

"As the battle reaches its conclusion, Fastlane follows Budgeon to the main building.  Bludgeon's determination to seize control of the Sun-Farming facility will not be deterred, and he will go through Fastlane if necessary..."

Raid Cards[edit | edit source]

Thunderwing (2) - 10x Attack

Thunderwing (2) Weapon

Banzai-Tron (1) - 5x Attack

Banzai-Tron (1) Weapon

Reward Cards[edit | edit source]

Bludgeon (1)

Bludgeon (1) Weapon

Starscream (2)

Starscream (2) Weapon

Thundercracker (2)

Thundercracker (2) Weapon

Ravage (1)

Skywarp (2)

Skywarp (2) Weapon

Cloudraker (1) 5x Attack

Cloudraker (1) Weapon

Fastlane (1) 5x Attack

Fastlane (1) Weapon

Sideswipe (3) 5x Attack

Sideswipe (3) Weapon

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