Rippersnapper (3)

Rippersnapper 3 Robot
Rippersnapper (3) Robot Mode
Rippersnapper 3 Alt
Rippersnapper (3) Alt Mode
Faction Decepticon Specialization Heavy Heavy
Rarity Legendary Class Assault Assault
Sell Price 65025 Credit Max Level 120
Max Level Bonus Attack +30% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack +15%
Ability Triple Attack Triple Attack
Quote RIPPERSNAPPER has a massive inferiority complex, so he takes it out on just about everything else he deems inferior. Ultimately though, all these inferior traits he finds in others are just reflections of his own insecurities.
Attack Health Defense Total
Robot/Alt Card Basic 81272 172049 6780 260101
Robot/Alt Card Max 285041 399198 20286 704525
Trans-Scan Max (MTM) 513074 718555 36514 1268143
Robot Locations Best of Episode - Monstrosity
Alt Locations Best of Episode - Monstrosity
Signature Weapon Rippersnapper (3) Weapon

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