For certain recent events Ruby medals have allowed for the free acquisition of raider cards. Medals are typically obtained by defeating bosses.

The Thin Blue LineEdit

Photo 2013-08-21 9 18 47 PM

60 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x3 Red Alert

230 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x5 Tracks

500 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x7 Prowl

Junkion ReunionEdit

150 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x3 Sharpshot

750 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x5 Sharpshot

1500 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x7 Sharpshot

One Shall FallEdit

Photo 2013-09-04 9 10 58 PM
50 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x3 Starscream

150 Rubies: Guaranteed one of either x3 Starscream or x5 Shockwave

300 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x5 Shockwave

SOS DinobotsEdit

Photo 2013-09-11 8 09 12 PM
45 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x2 Swoop

75 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x3 Sludge

400 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x5 Slug

1500 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x10 Grimlock

Also, during this event for the first time 100 rubies on the weapon bridge would get you an Episode Boss Weapon (although these were availble for free through regular points rewards). Raider (Dinobot) weapons were not available from rubies.

The Colossus WarEdit

Photo 2013-09-25 9 48 32 PM
50 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x3 Ramjet

150 Rubies: One of either x3 Ramjet or x5 Galvatron

300 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x5 Galvatron

Call of the PrimitivesEdit

Photo 2013-10-02 10 14 21 PM

75 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x3 Blurr

400 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x5 Wheeljack

5000 Rubies: Guaranteed one of x10 Bumblebee

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