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Shattered Glass
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Event Dates
Start End
November 5, 2014 November 11, 2014
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Wreckage Hoist Goes Hollywood



"In an alternate universe, the heroic DECEPTICONS fight a desperate battle against the villainous AUTOBOTS for the fate of Cybertron. Despite the brave efforts of MEGATRON and his troops, their planet has fallen into the clutches of RODIMUS and his minions.

On this day, we find MEGATRON leading his forces in a desperate attempt to keep RODIMUS and the AUTOBOTS from launching their battleship. He knows that if they make it off-planet, their vile plans for conquest will spread throughout the galaxy, dooming sentient life everywhere.

Elsewhere on Cybertron, RAVAGE battles GRIMLOCK and his allies, RICOCHET and GOLDBUG, trying to delay them long enough for MEGATRON to complete his task. Their fight grows heated as RAVAGE continually taunts the AUTOBOTS, leading them away from the launch site and into an ambush.

Will MEGATRON be able to lead his forces to victory over the evil AUTOBOTS? Or will RODIMUS be able to crush his enemies before he turns his optics to a new target? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “SHATTERED GLASS”!"


"Through the valiant efforts of MEGATRON, RAVAGE, and their allies, the AUTOBOTS are defeated and their spaceship destroyed. But even though his plans have been stalled, RODIMUS continues to scheme, preparing for the day he can subjugate a new target… Earth."

Space Bridge Cards[]

Megatron (14) 16x Attack

Megatron (14) Weapon

Ravage (7) 10x Attack

Ravage (7) Weapon

Point Rewards[]

Soundwave (9) 4x Attack

Soundwave (9) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Rodimus (6)

Rodimus (6) Weapon

Grimlock (9)

Grimlock (9) Weapon

Ricochet (1)

Ricochet (1) Weapon

Goldbug (1)

Goldbug (1) Weapon