The Sunset Edit

On June 10, 2015, Dena announced the closing of Transformers Legends. With this, players received a free R8 Devastator (1), a new currency type called Shanix, and the ability to view all cards in game.

Shanix Edit

Shanix replaces the premium space bridge and is easy to come by. The Shanix character spacebridge gives out a bonus of 350 rubies and 150 battle cubes. The weapon spacebridge grants 300 transmetal of both types.

Released Cards Edit

Dena also released many cards which were intended for future events. This was done only for events that were not run prior to shutting down the servers.

Autobot Jazz (16)

Arcee (9)

Bonecrusher (3)

Bumblebee (12)

Dirk Manus (2)

Drift (6)

Grimlock (17)

Megatron (22)

Powermaster Optimus Prime (1)

Shockwave (18)

Sixshot (3)

Soundwave (18)

Weirdwolf (2)

Wheelie (3)

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