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Signature Series featuring Dan Khanna
Signature Series featuring Dan Khanna.jpg
Event Dates
Start End
January 28, 2015 February 3, 2015
Event Progression
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Stormbringer Raiding Party



"Hello Transformers fans,

Dan Khanna here! It’s been an honor to be featured in my own TRANSFORMERS Legends Signature Series event! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get a chance to draw some of my personal favorite all-time classic characters. I hope you get a kick out of my character selection, and enjoy the artwork I drew up for this event. So welcome aboard, and have fun playing this new event!

Dan Khanna"


"Thank you for taking part in this Signature Series event! We want to thank Mr. Khanna for his selection and artwork, and you, the players, for your participation!"

Easy Campaign[]


Medium Campaign[]


Hard Campaign[]


Space Bridge Cards[]

Galvatron (10) 16x Attack Bonus

Galvatron (9) 16x Attack Bonus

Galvatron (9) Weapon

Soundwave (13) 10x Attack Bonus

Soundwave (12) 10x Attack Bonus

Soundwave (12) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Omega Supreme (6)

Omega Supreme (4) Weapon

Optimus Prime (11)

Optimus Prime (10) Weapon

Omega Supreme (7)

Omega Supreme (5) Weapon

Prowl (11)

Prowl (9) Weapon

Point Reward Cards[]

Prowl (8) Weapon at 30,000 points

Boss Capture Cards[]

Prowl (8) 5x Attack Bonus

Optimus Prime (10) 5x Attack Bonus

Omega Supreme (5) 5x Attack Bonus

Prowl (9) 5x Attack Bonus

Missing-in-Action Cards[]

Omega Supreme (4)

Prowl (10)