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January 21, 2015 January 27, 2015
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Rescue the King Signature Series featuring Dan Khanna



"In an effort to finally defeat the AUTOBOTS, once and for all, BLUDGEON touches upon a plan to revive one of the most destructive forces known to Cybertron - THUNDERWING. Working with DARKWING, the DECEPTICONS begin the process to revive the being responsible for nearly destroying their planet during the Great War.

Meanwhile, SPRINGER and ROADBUSTER have been summoned by the AUTOBOT leadership, and ordered to stop BLUDGEON and DARKWING from reviving the great destroyer, no matter the cost. They return to Cybertron to begin their search, prepared to destroy their homeworld if it comes to it.

The Wreckers catch up to the DECEPTICONS, who are nearly finished with their preparations. Despite the AUTOBOTS reminding BLUDGEON the devastation caused by THUNDERWING during the Great War, the DECEPTICONS continue their plan, and awaken the mighty destroyer. But before they know it, THUNDERWING has broken free of BLUDGEON’S control, and begins to attack Cybertron.

Will SPRINGER and the Wreckers be able to prevent THUNDERWING from bringing Cybertron to ruin? Will the DECEPTICONS complete the destruction begun by THUNDERWING during the Great War? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Stormbringer”!"


"Having recognized that their plan was doomed from the start, BLUDGEON and the DECEPTICONS join forces with SPRINGER and the AUTOBOTS, and attack THUNDERWING. While they are unable to directly defeat him, they are able to wear him down until he runs out of Ultra-Energon. After both factions disperse back to their respective bases, the AUTOBOTS learn of a new DECEPTICON plan that involves a planet… called Earth."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Springer (2) 16x Attack Bonus

Springer (2) Weapon

Roadbuster (3) 10x Attack Bonus

Roadbuster (3) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Thunderwing (3)

Thunderwing (3) Weapon

Bludgeon (4)

Bludgeon (4) Weapon

Thunderwing (4)

Thunderwing (4) Weapon

Darkwing (3)

Darkwing (3) Weapon

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