Team[edit | edit source]

Your team is the nine cards that you use in Battles. It consists of three Commanders and six Soldiers.

A Unit's position in your deck determines the bonus applied to its stats.  The front row receives a x3 bonus to both HP and Attack during battle, while rows 2 and 3 receive a x2 bonus.  This is factored as follows:

Unit's HP = (Character Card HP stat x Weapon Card HP%) x Position Multiplier.

Unit's ATK = (Character Card ATK stat x Weapon Card ATK%) x Position Multiplier.

Unit's DEF = Character Card DEF stat x Weapon Card DEF%

Until better custom decks/teams can be built, it's best to use the Recommended Team, which automatically assigns all your best characters with the weapons that best suit them; this will likely be a mix of both Autobot and Decepticon cards, and the weapon may not necessarily be their signature weapon. Be sure to go into your Team builder frequently to press the 'Recommended Team' button, as it doesn't update automatically. If you wish to build a custom deck, press the 'Edit' buttons below each card.

Squad[edit | edit source]

These are the three cards you take with you into boss battles. You have separate Squads for Autobot and Decepticon campaigns. As with the Team builder, you can choose the Recommended Squad or build your own using the Edit buttons below each card.

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