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Infobox weapon

Infobox weapon
Faction Unknown
Rarity Unknown
Sell Price Unknown Credit.png
Max Level Unknown
Specialization Unknown
Class A Unknown
Class B Unknown
Basic Max
Attack Unknown Unknown
Health Unknown Unknown
Defense Unknown Unknown
Pre-Battle Unknown
In-Battle Unknown
Weapon Locations Unknown
Best Match Infobox

Weapon Cards

CommonUncommonRareSuper RareUltra RareEpic RareLegendary

Template documentation follows
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This template is used to fill pages for weapons.

For regular characters, see Template:Infobox character.

For evolve characters, see Template:Infobox evo.

For combiner characters, see Template:Infobox combiner.

For alternate names, see Template:Redirect combiner.


Note that any template can be inserted without specifying all of the fields simply by omitting the associated line(s) of code. For example, when inserting a template without specifying any of the fields, type


where "template_name" is the name of the template.

This template has an edit form. Therefore, the fields may be edited from the form once the page has been successfully created. The form may also be used to create a page by visiting Special:FormStart and selecting the proper form.

To use this template, type or copy the code following this description onto the page to be filled.

{{Infobox weapon
|episode card=
|class A=
|class B=
|basic attack=
|basic health=
|basic defense=
|max attack=
|max health=
|max defense=
|weapon location=

Default Values

This template has default values for some fields. If a field has a default value and is not explicitly given a value, the default value will be used.

The field "in-battle" has a default value for weapons of rarity 3 (Rare) and lower. This field can be set from the text editor (all rarities) or the form (rarity 4 (Super Rare) and higher).

The fields in the code following this description should typically be allowed to assume their default values. These fields can be set from the text editor only. To set one or more of these fields, insert (type or copy) the code following this description between the last two lines of the template code shown above.

|sell price=
|max level=
|best match=