Redirect combiner is an alternate name for the combiner character known as . To view the data associated with this combiner character, please view [[]]. Thank you.

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This template is used to redirect from pages associated with alternate names to pages associated with infoboxes for combiner characters.

For regular characters, see Template:Infobox character.

For evolve characters, see Template:Infobox evo.

For combiner characters, see Template:Infobox combiner.

For weapons, see Template:Infobox weapon.


Note that any template can be inserted without specifying all of the fields simply by omitting the associated line(s) of code. For example, when inserting a template without specifying any of the fields, type


where "template_name" is the name of the template.

This template does not have an edit form.

To use this template, type or copy the code following this description onto the page to be filled.

{{Redirect combiner | field_1 | field_2 | field_3}}
  • field_1
This is the page name associated with the infobox page.
  • field_2
This is the combiner character's name associated with the infobox page. If identical to "field_1", this may be omitted.
  • field_3
This is the combiner character's name associated with the redirect page. If identical to the page name associated with the redirect page, this may be omitted.
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