The Autonomy Lesson
The Autonomy Lesson
Event Dates
Start End
August 13, 2014 August 19, 2014
Event Progression
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Autobot X Beast Machines



"As more non-aligned Cybertronian citizens return to their now revived homeworld, SKY LYNX, ARCEE, SIZZLE, and BLURR travel across the planet, trying to catalog the changes to their old home.

SPINISTER and ACID STORM, unhappy with the AUTOBOT-controlled government, decide to take their frustrations out on the band of AUTOBOT explorers.  They set out and trail SKY LYNX, waiting for the opportunity to ambush him and his team.

Will the DECEPTICONS restore the status quo, one scrapped AUTOBOT at a time? Can SKY LYNX and his friends discover what has happened to their home?"


"With ACID STORM and SPINISTER defeated and sent off to the new detention facility, the AUTOBOT exploration team continues with their mission to map out the "new" Cybertron.  Meanwhile, other DECEPTICONS have noted the efforts of their teammates and begin to consider their own actions..."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Acid Storm (3) 16x Attack

Acid Storm (3) Weapon

Spinister (1) 10x Attack

Spinister (1) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Sky Lynx (3)

Sky Lynx (3) Weapon

Arcee (5)

Arcee (5) Weapon

Sizzle (1)

Sizzle (1) Weapon

Blurr (4)

Blurr (4) Weapon

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