The Colossus War
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Event Dates
Start End
September 25, 2013 September 31, 2013
Event Progression
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The Omega Corps Unknown

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This week on Transformers: Legends… Galvatron, eager to turn the tide of battle has summoned Trypticon! This massive monstrosity capable of untold destruction will invade Autobot territory to push the Decepticon line forward. Standing in their way is the Autobot fortress Metroplex under the command of Rodimus!

Will Metroplex and the Autobots hold their ground or will they be crushed by the ferocity of this Decepticon beast? Parepare yourself for…




During missions, there is a chance of running into an event boss. When a boss is found, the player is given the option of fighting the boss. Defeating the boss gives the player prizes in the form of Silver and Gold Episode Medals, (which can be used in the Space Bridge), and Event Points. The higher your Event point tally was at the end of the event, the better the rewards.

Who may enter

Anyone is free to enter after level 2

Raid Cards


Episode Metroplex

Episode Metroplex's Weapon

Episode Rodimus 2

Episode Rodimus' Weapon 2

Episode Ultra Magnus 2

Episode Ultra Magnus' Weapon 4

Episode Sergeant Kup 2

Episode Sergeant Kup's Weapon 2

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