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The Coronation Of Starscream
Event Dates
Start End
January 7, 2014 January 14, 2014
Event Progression
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The Battle For Autobot City Mockery Of Justice



"Believing that Megatron is no more, Starscream declares himself the new leader of the Decepticons.  Such a momentous occasion would not be without pomp and circumstance."

"Starscream would be greeted by the glorious sound of trumpets during his coronation."


"Starscream's coronation was disrupted by the arrival of Cyclonus and Galvatron. In the blink of an eye the reign of Starscream was over. His body turned into ash. His crown tumbling down the steps he ascended not too long ago."

Easy campaign[]

Operation: Time Ascending the Throne!

"After the defeat of Megatron, Starscream prepares to take control of the Decepticons.  However forces such as the Sweeps still hold loyalty to their former leader."

Medium campaign[]

Operation: Challenge to the Crown!

"Determined to disrupt the ceremony, Scourge challenges the newly crowned Starscream."

Hard campaign[]

Operation: Fall of the King

"The intensity of the loyal Cyclonus, 2nd in Command of the Decepticons during Megatron's reign, attempts to topple Starscream, the new leader of the Decepticon army."

Raid Cards[]

Soundwave (5) - 10x Attack

Soundwave (5) Weapon

Decepticon Rumble (3) - 5x Attack

Decepticon Rumble (3) Weapon

Mixmaster (1) - 3x Attack

Mixmaster (1) Weapon

Cyclonus (5) - 2x/3x/5x Attack

Cyclonus (4) Weapon

Scourge (3) - 2x/3x/5x Attack

Scourge (3) Weapon

Sweeps (1) - 2x/3x/5x Attack

Sweeps (1) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Coronation Starscream (1)

Coronation Starscream (1) Weapon

Galvatron (1)

Galvatron (1) Weapon

Starscream (2)

Starscream (2) Weapon


Sweeps (1) Weapon

Scourge (3) Weapon

Cyclonus (4) Weapon