The Galactic Games
Event Dates
Start End
April 2, 2014 April 8, 2014
Event Progression
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Attack Of The Autobots Five Faces Of Darkness: Part 1



"Every few years, the Galactic Games are held as a friendly competition between friends and allies of the Autobots. From across the galaxy, teams compete in trials of skill and teamwork, welcoming a spirit of unity and cooperation between the different factions of the galaxy.

Autobot leader Rodimus opens the games with a grand ceremony welcoming all the competitors. However, beneath the celebrations of sportsmanship, the Quintessons have sent a spy amongst the competitors, intent on ruining the spirit of the games and sowing discontent amongst the allied Autobot forces.

Teaming up, Drift and Cosmos plan to secretly uncover the spy while still competing in the games, allowing the spirit of the games to remain alive. Will the Autobots discover who is behind the sabotage?"


"As the competition grew fiercer, the Quintessons grew closer to unfurling their plans to destroy the Galactic Games.  Working together Drift and Cosmos stopped Slipstream, who had secretly been working undercover with the Quintessons and planned to use the gathering to wipe out all the Autobots in one swoop.  The mystery solved, the Galactic Games continued to act as the a beacon of peace and honor amongst the allies of the Autobots."

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Drift (1) 10x Attack

Drift (1) Weapon

Cosmos (2) 10x Attack

Cosmos (2) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Demolisher (1)

Demolisher (1) Weapon

Slipstream (3)

Slipstream (3) Weapon

Ransack (1)

Ransack (1) Weapon

Triggerhappy (1)

Triggerhappy (1) Weapon

Cosmos (2) 10x Attack

Cosmos (2) Weapon

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