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The Secret Of Omega Supreme
Event Dates
Start End
May 21, 2014 May 27, 2014
Event Progression
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False Alarm Fatal Furies: Flamewar's Revenge



"Upon hearing that the Constructicons have taken control of an orbiting asteroid above Earth, Omega Supreme, without warning, transforms and rockets to space to meet them.  Perceptor and Tracks, Omega's Autobot friends are shocked by Omega's apparent outrage.

Omega Supreme attacks Hook and Scavenger directly and without warning.  But Perceptor and Smokescreen discover that the asteroid contains a giant space creature inside it, and they don't want to set it loose.  They plead with Omega via radio communication to stop the battle, but he doesn't listen.  Omega defeats four of the Constructicons with a massive attack, but cracks the asteroid open in the process-setting the creature free!

The space beast heads for Earth, attacking San Diego!  It's up to Omega Supreme, seeing what his rage at the Constructicons has caused, and his Autobot comrades Perceptor, Tracks, and Smokescreen to trap the creature and defeat Hook and Scavenger in the process.

Can the Autobots rescue the city and defeat the Constructicons before devastation comes to the harbor?"


"In a hard fought battle, the Autobots fend off the beast and return it to its asteroid home.  Hook and Scavenger are taken into custody.  Spinning to Omega, Hook spits, "Thanks for nothing, old friend."  Omega replies, "We are friends no more, Constructicon."  Smokescreen and the others wonder what happened between these two foes, but whatever it is, they know it's not good."

Space Bridge Cards[]

Scavenger (1) 16x Attack

Scavenger (1) Weapon

Hook (2) 10x Attack

Hook (2) Weapon

Ironhide (6)

Ironhide (6) Weapon

Grimlock (6)

Grimlock (6) Weapon

Reward Cards[]

Omega Supreme (3)

Omega Supreme (3) Weapon

Perceptor (3)

Perceptor (3) Weapon

Autobot Tracks (2)

Autobot Tracks (2) Weapon

Smokescreen (2)

Smokescreen (2) Weapon

Hook (2) 10x Attack

Hook (2) Weapon