• I've enjoyed your blog posts by the way. Wishful thinking on that last one I would fear, but fun to read nonetheless.

    Is that and AWaCS in your avatar or something? Do you work on those?

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    • I appreciate I've said before, I enjoy knowing that SOMEONE is reading my posts. 

      This last one may be "wishful thinking," like you said, but I there's always the change Mobage might take the hint.  They troll these boards, so I know they see it.  At least this way I've done half the work for them.  All they have to do is ask for a copy of the spreadsheet and I'll give it to them

      Yeah, that's an AWACS radome in my avatar.  I fly on 'em, but I'm an instructor, now.

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    • ah cool. I'm glad I recognized one. although, I suppose, they aren't all that inconspicuous!

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    • A FANDOM user
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