• Hei bro, I need to ask you some things.

    1. The Friend Code Reward cards currently is Rodimus, until September 30th right? Now, where will Rodimus' cards go after that, and those who'll follow? I hope he'll go to the Space Bridge. 2. Can Transformers Legends be played online, with computer or laptop? 3. Can I suggest that Transformers Legends make a normal cards, like those you can found in a Space Bridge, from episode cards, like Nemesis Prime, ore Omega Supreme maybe? 4. Is there any way of earning Cybercashes for free? 5. Can I also suggest that TfLegends give a more frequent time for Super Rare cards to be earned from normal medals? 6. Is there a free items to be purchased with medals, or bartle points, or credits, maybe?

    That's it for today, pal. Thank you, by the way.

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