• Hello there. I would like to thank you so much for contributing a ton to the wiki. Without fail everyday, you will edit something! You are indeed speed :)

    Anyways, would you like to be an admin on this wiki?

    Have a good day


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    • Hello, I'd like to become an admin for this wiki, because I love Transformer Legend. One small problem: I am Italian and use google translator to write in English. Can I still be an admin?

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    • Well, as long as you can understand simple english, I'm fine with it

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    • Yes, i understand simple english, then I give my availability to be an admin. In any case I will continue to give my help in this wiki. :-)

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    • Okay then. I hope you keep up your good work (:

      You are now an admin (:


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    • Thank you so much! 

      I will work every day!!! :)

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    • I would like to occupy mainly of the ciberdex, if you want. There are some guidelines to follow? I would like to put pictures Robot / Alt / Trans-scan (without X raid) in ciberdex and MTM card on page of the character. What do you think?

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    • I thought we already decided this? Base stats for cyberdex and MTM permissible for pages. Correct me if I misunderstand.

      By the way, congrats on getting to be admin.

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    • A FANDOM user
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