• Here comes the venting :

    1. the COG inccident :

    lets set aside the small things like :

    a. forcing ppl to use the Rollete space bridge again, as the only option to get a proper card (Brainstorm, through cogs), raids and rewards are a complete joke.

    b. we saw the leaks screenshots - they were aiming for 36 cogs for L1, 47 cogs for L2 (dont know how much for lvl 3) - they decided to DOUBLE the amount.

    true - we saw LEAKED screenshots, nothing official, but it demonstrates the way the company thinks and where they are headed.

    no ... i dont want to talk about these small things. lets talk about something ALMSOT illigal regarding the cogs.


    unlike rubies, that u dont pay for them, u gain them through gaming, free of charge, to use during the spidoe in which u gain them, all fair.

    BUT u pay for cogs. u pay about 250$ to the the card u want. (let me repeat that , 250$ for a digital picture to serve u for a week, and some more as a soldier / tank in your deck, ppl actually pay that ???? for a single card ???)

    anyawwys back to track - cogs are item u BUY. u purchase them with REAL MONEY. once u paid , u OWN the item. mobage should have no right to take it away from u. period. 

    once u claimed it , its yours. paid for product, making it disapear is almost like theft.

    why i keep saying ALMOST , its becuase, lligaly they can say u payed for the card u got from the space bridge, and no one took your card away, and the cogs are a side bonus not the actuall itemu bought, the actual item u paid for is the card. 

    so we cant act fromaly against mobage, becuase on that espect they are covered. 

    but common - we all know ppl pay for the cogs, not the chance card, so in the end , we pay for items, and mobage take it away from us (if we decide not to use the cogs).

    2. Mobage clearly demonstrated thier main goal is to get as much money they can from those T1 player , and they dont give crap about paying T2, free T2, or free players at all.

    they obviously do not belive in thier product, do not care about the game, its a means to an end . period. 

    Rat bat with T3 stats , as a T2 reward ??? probebly the least popular chracter with even worse stats ...

    Raid cards, that have lower card then T2 quality cards and rewards had 3 month ago ? 18k attack ??? really ? 

    they saying it load and clear - there are a few nutters playing this game , that spand 250-600$ every week, lets cater them, and fuck all the rest.

    i am lossing intrest here day by day.

    and i am a paying T2 player, for the past few month. 

    i belive that if they looked they would have seen that that make more money from the T2 paying players, then the few T1 high rollers.

    everything about this company just doesnt make since, and feels dirty.

    /venting off

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    • well a few bits mroe :

      1. 500 rubies for the X5 bridge ? they remember its not a compain episode where u get 50-100 rubies per run?

      we saw leaked screenshtos - it was 120 rubies per X5 bridge - what made them multiple the cost by almost 5 !!??

      and again - that card has 18k attack , wouldnt last a day in a t3 deck after this episdoe is over.

      2. such a popular and uniqe character - fangry, ppl would have got nuts for it if it was a good T2 reward or T1. and they put it as a shit T3 reward ????

      this episode is just utter crap....

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    • It's a complete turnaround from the proceeding campaign event. We've gone from being able to pull a rank 5 card from the lowest ruby bridge, to not being able to get the x10 card unless you spend real $$$.

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    • Well, obviously, any changes mobage do to this game are driven by one thing: money. They are a company after all. 

      But I dont agree when you say they dont care about t2/t3 (buyers and non buyers). Why? Because they want money. If they lose players, they lose ranking on the app store, they lose visibility, they lose more players,.. they lose mass participation, and guess what will happen when theres only a bunch of T1 payers playing? They will stop paying, cause it will make no point, or worse, stop playing, cause its very boring compete with the same 1000 players time and time again. ... thus... they lose money.

      So they need a balance between rewarding big-paying players (whales), keeping small payers (dolphins) and non-buyers (supporters). And also keep a balance within the game not releasing overpowering bots, cause that will make lot of people angry ("Hey I just spent 200 bucks to get a 5 rarity bot and now its useless!!!"), or bored ("What?! A 10k attack for a T2? WTF?!".

      Its a challenge they have to face every week. They make excellent wartwork, and try different things (rupies, cogs, campaigns, pvp...).

      Its tough, and for that they have my respect, but ... thing is .. they are not doing very well lately, imo. Losing interest very fast.

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    • Totally agree with above.. They screw T2/3/4 eventually it'll just be a bunch of 100+ plus players playing.. So sad.. wished I could transform into a brain for them..

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    • The only challenge every week is how to make their shitty bloated app take more money from people, with little no to fixes to app, performance is all time low, but we got "a wall" feature that is as useful as a submarine in a desert.

      PVP event is luck only, whoever makes most crits win.

      Camp event is chains only, meaning $$ only event.

      Raid was and is only event where your allies and teamwork, not to mention deck, does anything useful.

      They didn't introduce a goddamned thing into a game to make playing more fun or enjoyable, just mindless grind for substandard rewards.

      Ruby medal pulls increase in price while cards pulled are fixed so you get 7-8 alts or bots, just to make you grind more or pay money.

      This is blatant disregard for customers, they have no long term plans, just milk people dry today, and fuck everyone in the way.

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    • BladeRy2501  I dont agree on campaigns. Theyre not chain only, and even if they were, you can get some for free (revisiting the app and as rewards). I got an mtm 5 ravage in the last one, and an mtm grimlock on the dinobot one not spending a buck. Well, I spent 2 bucks to be honest on the dinobots one, to get one chain, but It was not used to get grimlock.

      In fact my whole actual team is composed of campaign characters: grimlock, ravage, 2 getaways, darkwing, razorclaw (3 states only, sob), rampage, soundwave, slug. Only 4 bucks spent.

      I dont know why people hate campaigns so much. Theyre veeeery boring, thats true, grinding all the time.., but I dont find raids much more fun either and find campaigns more rewarding for non regular buyers.

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    • Chains you get "for free" are only a teaser. You need dozens of them to place in T2 or a lot more to place in T1. And they are "pay to have" only. Having 5 a month and 2 per event doesn't mean shit in long run.

      You got a MTM ravage, nice, i spent 550+ energon and got jack shit in 20 pulls, Wanna know where I placed? Even after a big grind? In T3.

      Wanna know why? Couse if you dont have luck in netting bots, say goodbye to points. I had streaks of 60+ nets without 1 capture. So no luck = no points, or use chains on H10.

      Hard grind, or work is not rewarded in this event, only luck is. You got your bots, nice, in all events of this kind so far, from first one to today....i netted 3 bosses. 3 in how much months is this? You tell me the odds.

      In regular event, i spend energon, i spend a cube and i get points, not get a sliver of them and then hope for 5% chance to get 5-10k points. I already put my resources in.

      So hard work grind is meaningless if you dont luck out and net a crapload of stuff. And if i want to play a game of pure luck, i would play the lottery.

      On the "find campaigns more rewarding for non regular buyers" bullshit line, how the fuck is this rewarding to non paying people? If you luckout and get a MTM card from rubies, that you can also get in raid event if you get lucky. Ruby rewards are all around.

      In raid i never spent a buck and i am always in high T2, playing with friends and cooperating in taking down bosses, or helping each other on last day to get points and over the cut-off line.

      Raid is by far the easiest event for non paying people, since you can farm energon and Bcubes along the way. And campaign event doesnt give energon back at all, aside small stacks in point rewards, but so do other events.

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    • On " I got an mtm 5 ravage in the last one, and an mtm grimlock on the dinobot one not spending a buck. " : my comment is : You're extremely lucky.......

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    • I agree with BladeRy... hate the game of luck... :/

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    • Its all about resource management honestly, and of course allies. Ever since the One Shall Fall event, Ive placed T2 in every single raid or campaign event, never spent a dime, and never stacked up dozens of chains. The free chains given out have been enough if used right.

      I think what A Wikia contributor (get an account name) meant by more rewarding is that the actual raid cards and Hard lvl bosses that you get not to mention the t2 reward for campaigns have been consistently stronger than raid or pvp event rewards.

      Also collecting rubies in campaign is far easier than collecting rubies in raid events. You can collect enough to have multiple attempts at the MTM raid card you are aiming for. Yes you can do that in Raid events too, but collecting rubies takes so much longer.

      Thats my 2 cents anyway.

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    • Blade got very good points there. Most of us don't like to be lucked out. I got 1 RV bot out of 13 pulls. It's much too frustrating not being lucky enough to MTM it, eventhough got lucky with its weapon. Furthermore, T2 for raid is never an issue for me, as a f2p, with the help of allies. But on campaign, even after netting 9 GAs, I'm still placed at 2k+ ranking. True I don't spend on chains, but u can tell the amount of time and effort being put in..and getting a miserable T3. And with PVP, another big joke, my T2 deck constantly losing out to T3 deck, with elite weapons even, unless I 2 cubed it. So bottomline...$$$

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    • Not been playing this or the last couple of episodes as I've lost a bit of interest.  Seems like overall very little has changed.  I think the reason the leaked images had different cog/ruby values is because the leaked ones were likely from when Mobage were testing - in the same way as you might set a product to be 0.01p when testing an online store...

      Also, for the love of all that's decent - use a spell checker and check what you're typing before sending it.  I appreciate that you're angry and you make some decent points, but what you've typed comes across like a petulant child.  Rollete I believe means snout, Roulette is a game you find in casinos... 

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    • CforKat wrote:
      Also collecting rubies in campaign is far easier than collecting rubies in raid events. You can collect enough to have multiple attempts at the MTM raid card you are aiming for. Yes you can do that in Raid events too, but collecting rubies takes so much longer.

      Yup. 500 rubies in this raid event to have a chance at a sub-par x5 raider? To have a chance at winning a sub-par T2 reward? There's nothing for me in this event. I'm coasting.

      Can't say I'm surprised. Raid events have been squarely aimed at the big T1 spenders ever since One Shall Fall.

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    • Optimus2861 wrote:
      Can't say I'm surprised. Raid events have been squarely aimed at the big T1 spenders ever since One Shall Fall.


      It's no coincidence that for a cheapskate player like me (I spend about $3 most events), my T1s so far have been overwhelmingly Raids.

      If anything, I'd say PVP events and campaigns are the most skewed towards T1 players - PVP because only T1 players can T1 it so much more easily than everyone else, and campaigns because it is impossible to win without 50-60 or more chains (which if you used only free chains would take over 1 year to accumulate, if you're that patient)

      Raids are probably the most underdog-friendly events to T1, is all I'm saying.

      The rest of your points (500 rubies etc) I agree with. 

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    • Those cogs have to be one of the worst things ever. At first I thought it was a good idea, finally, I can get a R5 card I think! Hah, no. Not unless you're willing to pony out several hundred dollars for a card that will last you all of a week and yeah, will be a decent bump for your deck thereafter but seriously, is that worth several hundred dollars? Not to mention the stats are only going up up up. Already a lot of the better R4s in the later events are almost as good as the R5 Grimlock from a while back.

      As it stands right now I have one R5 card, the Elita One from login bonus. Oh, and 2 out of 4 of the R5 Evolve Laserbeak which really just bugs me. Who wants an incomplete card? I hate looking at that thing. If it didn't bump up my deck power I wouldn't use it.

      The only reason I still play this game is for the campaign events. It is the only event where you can pay a reasonable amount of money and net yourself 2-4 good cards. You can get a few copies of the Hard boss and T2 space bridge card. Of course, once you do that a few times you just hit a ceiling.

      I have to say most other events are simply depressing. Just look at this Beast Wars event, the only card that would do my deck any good is Rhinox (maybe Dinobot, I don't know his stats), but Rhinox is going to be crazy hard to get. And Optimus Primal? Hah! I don't know how people get into the top 100 but I know I can't. I have a PS3, why would I spend hours and hundreds of dollars on this game when I could buy like 10 games for my PS3 or computer?

      I'm fine with a company making a profit. The sheer greed this company displays is appalling though. I'm amazed that some people apparently are willing to pay through the nose for this nonsense.

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    • I don't think the cogs are "yours" everything including your account is property of Mobage. You can choose to spend money on the game, but you don't own the cards/account.

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    • I think the change to allow T2 and T3'ers scan level 8s has been a bad one. but i think it was a change that was catered to them because they were not able to scan them in the first place.  The problem with it, is that the T2'ers and T3'ers don't have a good enough ally list to kill these encounters so its a waste in a way.

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    • A FANDOM user
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