• G'day Everyone!  During the Ghost in the Machine Event, i spent sometime scanning for bosses then the game started getting laggy and loaded slowly. So i decided to open space bridge "Gold Warrior Medals" both character and weapons. I was shocked as i got more than 10+ Super Rares in each 50 Gold Medal Warrior Medals. I then opened some episode medals but only got some rates and no Super Rares. I also Notice that the "Silver Warrior Medals" had way more chance of getting rates than usual. 

    Did this happen to anyone else or did they change the chances of getting better cards from Warrior Medals?

    And after the event i tried opening some Gold Warrior Medals to see if i can still get Super Rares but it did NOT WORK.

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    • yea, its better during episodes.  its been like this for a month? or maybe 2 now?

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    • Yes a few of us noticed it while it was happening. It lasted less than a day unfortunately.

      It is such a pity that the regular Elite cards are so disgustingly obsolete. Their artwork is still among the very best in the game. It would be nice if there were some way to upgrade them and make them relevant again. I'd love to be using the Elite Optimus Prime as my leader, flanked by Metroplex & Elite Grimlock.

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    • I couldn't agree more.  The stat differences between current cards and the original "Elite" ones is almost criminal.  Virtually any card over 1.5 months old is obsolete.

      I'd love to see Mobage add some of the old event cards as possible for download with Silver/Gold medals, like the old elites, especially now that they've upped the drop rate.  It would give us something to look forward to.

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    • All I know is that the space bridge was very good to me this morning.  From gold medals I managed a Dirge alt and the episode Skywarp weapon (which is 231 126 100).  Got a 500 point kicker to my deck power by equipping that sucker

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