• You know the drill. Setting it up early this time. ;)

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    Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post):

    Money Spent (and currency):

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    • Final Rank: #72

      Final Score: 32,038,520 points

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): (didn't pay attention)

      Money Spent (and currency): $0 (didn't buy any coins, had them leftover from MOnstrosity)

      Coins Spent: 5800 Mobacoins

      Battle Cubes: farmed/gained 600 cubes exactly

      Energon Cubes: used 218 + 50 full EC recharges

      Nets: +498 nets

      Chains: used 10 from inventory, purchased 58 (total 68 used)

      Medals: (didn't pay attention)

      Rubies: 7 pulls at 1500 rubies + 1 weapon pull at 700 + 636 leftover = 11836 rubies earned

      Liked: farming E1 and converting EC to BC and also netting Bumblebees in H10, also I enjoyed the fact that this event was almost 9 million points lower than the previous EVO/campaign event (which is roughly 25 chains saved = $25 cheaper)

      Disliked: the fact that the T1 prize pack didn't include 4 pieces of the Medium and Easy characters (Rack 'n' Ruin and Impactor) for us to evolve for our Cyberdex. Why would they only include 1 piece of each of them? The Twin Twist R5 reward is also VERY weak - not that I was hoping to add him to my deck, but that card don't make most people's decks. 

      Other: I really wanted to get the Dreadwind R6 card, but couldn't justify spending over $100 to dive into the bridge for something that has next to zero value. R6 cards these days are simply trophies to show off a T1 finish and for collectors. The added power by those cards don't make much difference since raiders are so widely available to be obtained. Also PVP events no longer exist, so deck power really doesn't matter.

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    • Final Rank: 867

      Final Score: 6.1 M

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 27k/28k

      Money Spent (and currency): -

      Coins Spent: -

      Battle Cubes: Gained 325

      Energon Cubes: 200+/ left 2

      Nets: 200+

      Chains: 11 (because I was low on EC and that's the only way to stay in T2)

      Medals: 200

      Rubies: 2 pulls at 1500 rubies + 625 left

      Liked: Putting Tailwind as reward at 12k and 30k was a good move. Able to get Tailwind which is a pretty decent card, but had to use up many chains for 2nd Tailwind. FFoD1 is the best in recent months.

      Disliked: Weak H boss as reward, now evo cards can hardly make it to my deck. On another note, I've suggested to Mobage to release old SR cards to keep card collectors excited in pulling gold medal cards but still no action from them after 2 episodes.

      Other: This event scare the shit of me especially in the last hour as the rankings dropped like a sack of potatoes and I had to used up my EC and chains, ouch.

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    • Final Rank:  2xx

      Final Score: Around 9MIL?

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): Post DP is 28k using the recommend button

      Money Spent (and currency): $0

      Coins Spent: 0

      Battle Cubes: Gained a few hundred

      Energon Cubes: Spent around 600

      Nets: Around 200 overall.  Farming H10, I tried to net only those bosses that gave a net back, or BumbleBee. 

      Chains: 0

      Medals: Lots

      Rubies: Enough for 3 MTM Tailwind with weapons

      Liked: Ruby rewards were very good.  I liked that you had the BOT/ALT/WEAPON bridges instead of crossing your fingers that you got the card you needed.  I also liked that by the time I got to H10, I could 1 cube the boss.

      Disliked: Nothing

      Other: Overall I spent a ton of BC on my account, but turned that into three good cards for my Decepticon deck.  I also played for my son who has a much weaker deck.  I was very lucky on his account with netting H10 bosses.  I spent about the same number of BC on his account, but ended up with 4 Tailwind with weapons and 3 Roadbusters.  We both finished T2 in this event.  So with one event I really brought up his DP.  I can't wait for the next raid to get my EC stash back.

      Odd thing.  After I got my rewards, I logged out.  I logged back in about 5 minutes later and when you typically get the offer pop up to play other Mobage games, they gave me 1000 MobaCoin.  No explanation, just "here's 1k coins, have fun!".  Ok, sounds good to me.  I logged into my sons account, but no love there.

      I didn't play much on my account the last 2 days and ended up in T2, so overall I'm happy with this event.

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    • Final Rank:  around 800

      Final Score:  around 6.1m

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): pre 27k, ended with 48k

      Money Spent (and currency): none

      Coins Spent: 200, tried for weapons, got nothing

      Battle Cubes: +300

      Energon Cubes:  -300

      Nets: who counts

      Chains: none used

      Medals: not worth anything

      Rubies: pulled 1 Tailwind, gave up on second one

      Liked: got 2 good con cards for the deck

      Disliked: got fucked over by mobage, i had 2 roadbusters with nets, counted on 2 more for rewards, got only t2 reward, not t3, so i am one short :(

      Other: Got to rest for 5 days, that's always a plus

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    • Final Rank: 25

      Final Score: 33,686,927

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 32.7k/up to 58890/34576

      Money Spent (and currency): Around US$100

      Coins Spent: 350: testing Space Bridge for guarantees; 1350: hunting for (and ultimately getting) the Dreadwind weapon; 7xxx: chains. I recall from my last (and only other) campaign T1 that I just don't count chains used lol.

      Battle Cubes: +370. At Level 999. Thank you, 3BC Bee. :D

      Energon Cubes: -352. More on this number in a bit.

      Nets: -317. Thought I'd run out.

      Chains: -3 LOL also -7k coins LOL

      Medals: I hate that campaigns give out minimal medals. Got nothing from them this ep.

      Rubies: Nearly 10k, four extra Tailwind MTM (though only two are done) and just shy of a weapon pull.

      Liked: Slow pace of episode allowed me to T1 a campaign! Split space bridges should be the norm.

      Disliked: Where to begin? Every evolve card in this episode, even the Twin Twist R5, was pure molten shit, and that's being kind. Only giving ONE copy of the easy and medium raiders to T1 and T2 is some kind of stupid joke. Unless the quality and quantity of these "rewards" improve, I think I will strictly farm campaigns from here on out.

      Also hate the lack of guarantees on the character Space Bridges. But I think I know why. When the raiders are one R5 and one R6, if they guaranteed all the tiers they used to, the odds of someone completing an R6 on the cheap goes up immensely. Since Mobage insists on equating rarity with money, they want you to pay through the nose to get it.

      Other: Went for T1 after early speed ruby farming for a second Tailwind kept me so close to T1, it seemed foolish NOT to go for it. I was also farming E1 when I had the opportunity, but I had supremely bad luck netting anything there - I often went three or four straight runs with zero captures. The folks over at United (and one player in particular) swore I'd be up 1 BC per EC spent staying on E1, but I never saw it. Ironically, I did better than that netting Bumblebees on H10.

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    • GOC: At level 999, the only way to get BC is by rewards, correct? I'm at level 710 now. Just trying to figure out if I should start concentrating on the kids account since he's at level 210 and has lots of room to bank BC.

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    • Final Rank: 174

      Final Score: 11705096

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 28000-50000-29155

      Money Spent (and currency): 0.00

      Coins Spent: 1500

      Battle Cubes: +275

      Energon Cubes: -200

      Nets: -160

      Chains: -20

      Medals: ?

      Rubies: 3200

      Liked: netting Bee for 3 BC

      Disliked: the rewards as usual

      Other: no comment at this time

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    • Syclone1217 wrote: GOC: At level 999, the only way to get BC is by rewards, correct? I'm at level 710 now. Just trying to figure out if I should start concentrating on the kids account since he's at level 210 and has lots of room to bank BC.

      Rewards and hourlies.

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    • Final Rank: 1200ish

      Final Score: 4.7M

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 26000/26000/46000/27500

      Money Spent (and currency): 0

      Coins Spent: 0

      Battle Cubes: +150

      Energon Cubes: -200

      Nets: -350

      Chains: 4

      Medals: 500

      Rubies: 3200

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    • Final Rank: 3600ish

      Final Score: 2.5M

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 26000/26800/37900/27500

      Money Spent (and currency): 0

      Coins Spent: 0

      Battle Cubes: +150 from 0 Yay!

      Energon Cubes: -150

      Nets: -150

      Chains: 6

      Medals: 450

      Rubies: 1250

      Not much to say that hasn't already been stated....... To quote a fellow a admin "Pure molten shit".  lol

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