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    • Final Rank: #290

      Final Score: 60.16 million points

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): post event DP 36688

      Money Spent (and currency): $0

      Coins Spent: 0 (didn't even want to try pulling the R5 Snapdragon weapon due to crap stats)

      Battle Cubes: +338

      Energon Cubes: +1529

      Ruby Pulls: 8 total pulls @ 1500 = 12000 rubies

      Medals: banked 7k golds/silver medals + 3k weapon medals (also upgraded/MTM'ed my Twin Twist R6) at the end of the event, pulled only 1 Skullcruncher weapon from medals all event, no raiders at all.

      Liked: farming ECs + the massive medal payout from the new level 9 bosses (good for future upgrade material for R6 cards)

      Disliked: too easy to obtain rubies for raid cards (1500 per pull on separated bot/alt ruby bridge is too low, should be double that); raid card is also too overpowered, thus continuing the same broken "individual" method of T1 (basically whoever has the most time and most EC can get that T1) which makes R6 cards pretty much useless as always due to the abundance/power of the ruby raiders. Also there is no point in trying to obtain the R6 raider card (Snapdragon in this week's event) since the x10's are so easy to get, the x16 won't help anyone - it's purely for R6 collectors.

      Other: After farming about 1050 EC the first day (ended #14, 9.1 million points) I stopped playing for about 2 days straight (only logged on every 3 hours for hourlies and daily rewards) as I decided to only farm this event. I was very happy with this decision as I saw how badly the points were going to skyrocket with the introduction of the level 9 bosses and the amount of rubies that were dropping... and burning ECs at an insane rate for most players. But I missed the period of time when the ??? bosses were raining :( I also started using a second device to seed my main account ECs for the last 2 days, and managed to farm another 450 or so ECs while allowing my main account to push easy into T2 while also farming medals for future R6 upgrades.

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    • Final Rank: 879

      Final Score: 42.2 mil

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): post 30k

      Money Spent (and currency): 0

      Coins Spent: 0

      Battle Cubes: gained 500

      Energon Cubes: 210

      Ruby Pulls: 5 pulls

      Medals: 7.6k ruby medals/ about 10k gold

      Liked: With the intro of L9 bosses, it was easier to accumulate ruby medals. 1.5k ruby medals per card with this level of difficulty is reasonable. Similar to previous episodes, point reward card was good. Providing 8 BCs for ?? bosses was lucrative. Was a good event for me.

      Disliked: The bosses encounter was inconsistent: I experienced not encountering any boss in my 136 E, several times with half energon. Offering medal instead of EC for first attack doesn't seem appealing since there were many gold/silver medals offered in other categories such as MVP, participation and co-op. Prefer EC offered for first attacks regardless the boss.

      Other: Hope to see older episode cards to be up for grabs through SB, for card collectors' sake. There are no new R4 cards (from older episodes after Megatron); else won't have much point to keep so many medals.

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    • Final Rank: 245

      Final Score: 65m or something like that, don't remember

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 30k before the event, 88k at the end, 31381 now.

      Money Spent (and currency): 0 as always)

      Coins Spent: 0

      Battle Cubes: at least +400

      Energon Cubes: something like -100

      Ruby Pulls: 5 bots and 3 alts, so also 12000

      Medals: 2 Skullcruncher alts and Snapdragon alt. Also a Skullcruncher weapon. It feels like I had around 10k of gold medals and 4k+ of weapons.

      Liked: those modified ?? bosses and new level 9. Also space bridge was pretty generous.

      Disliked: the update several minutes ago, which made my 3k+ episode weapon medals useless gold medals - they always stayed for a blank day, and it was impossible to open all of them yesterday. Also no ?? bosses found in last 2 days. No small energon recharges for finding Groove, again - they must return that tradition, because there's no way to farm enough of them for all episodes.

      Other: they should really make rewards for points, not places. Even my final score is insane, not to mention those of T1 players) They also should make R6 obtainable for, let's say 5000 rubies, but only one card - I wish I could trade 5 of my 6 MTM Skullcrunchers for Snapdragon's bot mode.

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    • Final Rank: Forget exact number, somewhere in the 300 range.

      Final Score: 

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): Topped out around 50k, with x10 cards.  Roughly 30k post.

      Money Spent (and currency): No cash spent.  

      Coins Spent: 1,000... the amount they gave away to random players.

      Battle Cubes: 450

      Energon Cubes: 300

      Ruby Pulls: 3 bots, 3 alts, 2 weapons.

      Medals: Over 5,000 silver character.  Over 10,000 gold character.  Over 5,000 weapons. See above for rubies.

      Liked:  Got rid of PowerGlide on my autobot team... happy.

      Disliked:  Episode cards far too easy to get.  Partly blaming implementing lvl 9s and a ton of ruby medals.

      Other:  This raid felt weird.  Too easy, not enough demand to share bosses.  Raids shouldn't be a solo-experience.  /shrug

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    • Final Rank: 404 last time I looked

      Final Score:5 mil?

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post):28000-60500-30624

      Money Spent (and currency):0.00

      Coins Spent: 1000 free coins I received

      Battle Cubes: started the episode with 100. able to farm out 600 and ended with 700 cubes

      Energon Cubes: 400

      Ruby Pulls: 3 bots and 3 alts with 1 weapon pull

      Medals: I lost count, maybe 20000 +/- 5000...

      Liked: the ?? bosses reward. really helped farming cubes

      Disliked: my strategy, I played hard the first three days farming energon refills. took a small break only to use all of them to catch back up.

      Other: episode I felt moved really well and with the amount of medals I was able to get I marked this episode as a small victory for me.

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    • Final Rank: 462

      Final Score: 48.6M

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): End with 66K, Post with 31K

      Money Spent (and currency): 0

      Coins Spent: 0

      Battle Cubes: +230

      Energon Cubes: -100

      Ruby Pulls: 3 complete SC + 1 weapon

      Medals: about 8000

      Liked: God mode making possible to farm while ending up in T2. I also appreciate that one can espect T1 with time only not money. SC was a great raid card, and the deterministic ruby SB is great. I hope Mobage will keep it.

      Disliked: The infiniplay is boring, and the ally system is totally useless for T2+

      Gamename: ericrobin

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    • Final Rank: main: 233 // alt: 2533

      Final Score: main: 69,496,467 // alt: 17,125,660

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): main: 346xx / up to 80k / 34699 // alt: 166xx / up to 34k / 21928

      Money Spent (and currency): $0 // $0

      Coins Spent: main: 100: 1 weapon tier for (crappy) R5 weapon; 100: thrown away on the SB // alt: none

      Battle Cubes: main: +275 / alt: absolutely down a LOT

      Energon Cubes: main: +209 / alt: absolutely down a LOT

      Ruby Pulls: main: 8 character pulls // alt: 3 character pulls

      Medals: main: lots, got basically a full Skully RAW // alt: not too much

      Liked: The new ?? bosses were cool. L9 bosses were good in principle. Had plenty of time to freshen up my alt account.

      Disliked: L9 bosses simply not strong enough; the bump in prizes was much larger than the bump in strength. ?? bosses could have been closer to that "L7" power level we were promised. No guarantees on SB until the end, no chips on rubies, and no base rate increases on Teletraan. (These three lumped together as they represent Mobage's big middle finger to players this episode.) The R5 weapons were utter garbage this episode; glad I got Snapdragon's on the first try of the paid bridge.

      Other: Let's fix Moobs' mistakes:

      ?? bosses should have been half the HP.

      L9 bosses should have been twice the HP.

      Ruby bridges: 1250 for a random pull, 1750 for a specific piece. Give us our damned chips, too.

      Space Bridge: Can we at the very least guarantee the last tier of each loop? Sorry, not spending $9 on loop 2/tier 4 to get a pile of R3s and a trickle of rubies!!!

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    • Final Rank: 504 

      Final Score: 47mil

      Deck Power (Pre/Begining/End/Post): 27k up to 29k

      Money Spent (and currency): $0

      Coins Spent: 0: 

      Battle Cubes: +290

      Energon Cubes: +1090

      Ruby Pulls: 4 character pulls

      Medals: 8000 medals full Skully and 2 of his weapons and an R6 Snapdragon (no bullshit)  

      Liked: The  new boss Levels and ??? were great, they helped me out agreat deal. Made getting rubies much easier and a little less of a grind for many players, i decided to load up with as much skully's as i could so the grind was about the same for me.

      Disliked: no chips on rubies, non-existance of the base rate increase on Teletraan.  ?? bosses were too strong, mobage didn't want us to farm too many cubes.  The strength of the L9's should be allot stronger it would've been nice to see them with some of the HP's as the original X bosses from back in the day where you could share with a bunch of your alllies to help take down.  SB i did not partake in and haven't in awhile but I didn't like the possibilities of getting R3's and some fricken rubies after reading the SB info.  I like the the idea of guaranteed UR cards and until i see or hear of guaranteed cards I won't be investing, dropping $20  in several events to get R3's and some other garbage has burned me enough to almost quit......So I need to see some guaranteed cards.  I put my middle finger up to your "Legends Bridge" that's all i have to say about that. 

      Other:  Looking forward to seeing if I get on the wiki team in the TVT.  If i don't my participation may be minimal as my luck on getting on a good team has been horrible. 

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