i know this is the long way but i found a way to get the images to scale properly when uploading.

Basically i import the screenshots of the cards into my computer, save them as the designated file name i.e. (Faction)_Name_ - _ form . png (broke it out so it wouldn't link a blank image). use the following site select the conversion size typically 480x666 from what i have seen. save the image over the original file, then upload. I tried it on the Grappel (Trans-Scan) page it it seemed to work fine. Before I go adding to many more let me know how this looks. I was also thinking that on the Trans-Scan image of the cyberdex editing the images together to get a dual look. Say having the top of the card with it running on an angle to the bottom left above where the stats come in the robot and the other side the alt form.

I can do this with photoshop I just need to start getting the images of the trans-scan loaded in.

I have the game on the android and it runs fairly smoothly and i can get pics of everything i have uploaded in time.

Let me know what you think.



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