To The Rescue
To the rescue
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August 14, 2013 August 20, 2013
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This week on Transformers: Legends...

The Decepticons have launched a massive attack on several civilian targets, leaving an entire city in disarray. Moving in at high speed to help out, the Autobots soon learn that fighting this crisis is not the only battle they've got on their hands... enter Thundercracker and Dirge!

Using their sonic weapons, Thundercracker and Dirge inflict further chaos. While rushing to the rescue, the Autobots Ratchet, Inferno and the Protectobots are distracted by the tactics of the airborne Decepticons. Can Dirge and Thundercracker successfully lure the Autobots into a fight, preventing them from setting up a perimeter and commencing rescue operations?


Your tenacity and persistence have caused the Autobots operations to fall into disarray. Your disruptive tactics have succesfully thrown off the Autobots so that the Decepticons forces were able to secure victory!

Who may enterEdit

Anyone is free to enter after reaching level 2.

Participating in the episodeEdit

1) Select an unlocked campaign.

2) Clear all Battlefields by completing all Missions.

3) Battle the Battlefield's End Boss to unlock the next Battlefield or Campaign.

4) The higher the Mission, Battlefield and Campaign, the bigger the rewards.

5) Capture defeated Cards to earn more points and rewards.

6) Earn additional rewards through point rewards and leaderboard ranking.

7) For this Episode, cards that are evolving get a bigger Episode Battle Bonus!

Playing special campaignEdit

After starting the Episode, you can access the Special Campaigns from the campaign select menu. There you must fight your way through a series of increasingly difficult battlefields and missions. You must defeat the final Boss in the last battlefield in order to unlock and progress to the next campaign.

Mission battlesEdit

You must engage every wave in order to progress; you cannot skip these battles. Regardless of the battle's result you will progress to the next wave, but you will not earn any Episode points and rewards if you lose. Battles consume Battle Cubes.


Every enemy you defeat can be captured. You must use a Energon Net or Energon Chain capture item for this. Successful captures reward you with the card, extra items and additional Episode point rewards.


Note: Locations are random.

Grappel (Robot)

Red Alert (Robot)


Sergeant Kup (Robot)

Brawn (Robot)

Decepticon Frenzy (Robot)

Cliffjumper (Robot)

Autobot Hound


Bumblebee (1)     Robot: 1.1     Alt: 1.2

Autobot Streetwise (1)     1.3

Autobot Ratchet (1)     Robot: 2.1     Alt: 2.2

Blades (1)

Hotspot (1)

Raid cardsEdit

Dirge (2)

Dirge (2) Weapon

Thundercracker (4)

Thundercracker (4) Weapon

Autobot Streetwise (1) Weapon

Blades (1) Weapon

Hotspot (1) Weapon


Optimus Prime (1)

Optimus Prime (1) Weapon

Bumblebee (2)

Bumblebee (2) Weapon

Inferno (1)

Inferno (1) Weapon

Autobot Ratchet (3)

Autobot Ratchet (3) Weapon

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