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Unleash the Beasts
Event Dates
Start End
May 9, 2013 May 16, 2013
Event Progression
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Fatal Furies Cold Delivery



"Shockwave has made a terrible mistake! Uncovering an ancient sample of CNA, he cloned some of the deadliest and most fearsome lifeforms from Cybertron's past. However, not even he could anticipate the beastly fury of these ancient monsters. Now that they are on the loose, it's up to you, Razorclaw and Divebomb to hunt them down and stop them.... before Lord Megatron finds out!"


"Hun-gurr and his deadly crew were no match for the combined might of Divebomb and Razorclaw! For now, there threat has been vanquished, and they have again been caged by Shockwave. But how long will they remain imprisoned...?"

Who may enter[]

Anyone is free to enter after reaching level 5.

Raid Cards[]