aka Daniel Torres Menchaca

  • I live in San Bernardino
  • I was born on August 23
  • My occupation is operator
  • I am Male
Elita One 2 E2
Trypticon (1) - Alt


Image by 11179649 - Slapdash 1 E4 - Max E4 Stats - Evolution Indicators Outlined
 Union Soldier Weapons

10,000 B CEdit

He imagines some one else and is attacked because he starded off as a trick, think twice before you decidce to call his name

2189 A D aka 2014 A DEdit

Years have passed and people fantisive their way through the tropespher, they are satisfied ever since 1913 a d when the government began to give food stamps

Ironhide (3) Weapon
Shockwave (2) - Alt
Megatron (2) - Alt
Barricade 1 Alt
Arcee 1 Weapon
Prowl (2) - Alt
Autobot Tracks 1 Alt
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