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  • Bazalooney

    Ive come to the point now where im costantly running out of upgrade resources as Ive been MTMing everything that I get even though they dont make my deck. So was wondering is there any real point to MTMing the R4s? Should I just trans scan these cards so there in my cyberdex and have done with it? As far as I can see theres no difference to the cyberdex if their fully MTMd or just trans scanned so whats peoples thoughts on this? Oh and while Im at it ive also got a raft of old episode weapon cards that will never be used so should I start using them up to uprgrade my R5 weapons?

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  • Bazalooney

    Help/ ideas for episode

    August 29, 2013 by Bazalooney

    just after a few opinions here folks, right im not a pay to play guy so i was wondering how to play this episode. Im never gonna finish in tier 1 or 2 so the Arcee and Perceptor cards are not gonna be won by me but also the other 2 characters are of no importance as I have them both. This means I will be just stocking up on battle cubes etc. As for the evolve cards, ive got the 2 Wheelies so do I grind easy levels to finish him off? I dont think I will get all of Utra Magnus or Wreck-Gar just using nets so should I just keep the 2 chains from this episode and then use the 4 in the next episode or wait and see if I catch 2 of either of them and MEM? Also closing in on 450 ruby medals so should I just use these on the 150 ruby medal space br…

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  • Bazalooney

    I am gonna just put this out there as Mobage probs wont even look at the post I put on feedback but heres a few ideas anyways -

    1) As energon chains are pretty much the only way were gonna get anywhere decent , how about rewarding us with 1 for every 100 or so catches, then either every 100 or more after. That would give people a reason to actually keep playing.

    2) Make our levels relevant, as in im lvl 246 so really catching a Buzzsaw or Reflector should be made easier and same with the other bosses so basically the higher level you are the better rate of catches.

    3) Not strictly my idea but good anyways is we should be able to choose how many nets to use. Just like with the 1-3 energon cube system but with nets instead, if you use 3 the cat…

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