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Based on The Transformers (G1) Season 3, Episode 16.


"GALVATRON, mad with the desire to destroy all of the AUTOBOTS, continually injures his own troops. In an attempt to prevent a mutiny, DECEPTICON FRENZY, LASERBEAK, and the other DECEPTICONS take their leader to the planet of the TORKULI. There, GALVATRON is restrained so that they can begin his treatment.

Meanwhile, ULTRA MAGNUS and SNARL, on the planet for a fact-finding mission, discover that the AUTOBOTS’ deadliest enemy is there, and try to find out what is going on.

Can the TORKULI bring GALVATRON out of his madness, or will he destroy everyone, including LASERBEAK and DECEPTICON FRENZY? Will ULTRA MAGNUS and SNARL find out what is going on? Find out, on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “WEB WORLD”!"


"Despite their best efforts, the TORKULI are unable to salvage the mind of GALVATRON. In a fit of rage, he begins to attack everything in his sight, prompting the DECEPTICONS to flee their leader’s wrath, with ULTRA MAGNUS and SNARL right behind them. The TORKULI escape as well, leaving GALVATRON to destroy the planet."

Easy campaignEdit

Operation: Malevolent Malpractice

Medium campaignEdit

Operation: Descent into Madness

Hard campaignEdit

Operation: Galvatron Checks Out

Space Bridge CardsEdit

Ultra Magnus (8) 16x Attack Bonus

Ultra Magnus (8) Weapon

Snarl (5) 10x Attack Bonus

Snarl (5) Weapon

Reward CardsEdit

Galvatron (7)

Galvatron (7) Weapon

Laserbeak (5)

Laserbeak (5) Weapon

Torkuli (1)

Torkuli (1) Weapon

Decepticon Frenzy (4)

Decepticon Frenzy (4) Weapon

Boss Capture CardsEdit

Decepticon Frenzy (5) 5x Attack Bonus

Laserbeak (5) 5x Attack Bonus

Torkuli (1) 5x Attack Bonus

Decepticon Frenzy (4) 5x Attack Bonus

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