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October 29, 2014 November 4, 2014
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The B-Team, Part Deux Shattered Glass



"Stranded on the planet Junk, MEGATRON fights for his very existence as the JUNKIONS swarm forth, ready to feast on him. Led by their savage leader, WRECK-GAR, the ravenous beings chase him with a ferocity never before seen by the DECEPTICON leader.

Meanwhile, not too far from the carnage, SLUDGE and SWOOP search Junk for their missing leader, GRIMLOCK. Concerned with the rumors that the natives eat Cybertronians, and despite their skills as warriors, they hurry along, wanting to get off-planet as soon as possible.

While the Dinobots search for GRIMLOCK, and MEGATRON fights for his life, SKYWARP scours the planet for his leader, hoping to find him and prove his loyalty… and hoping that the myths about the planet’s inhabitants aren’t true.

Will the Junkions and their maniacal chief tear MEGATRON to pieces, or will he dominate the landscape and rule them all? Can SLUDGE and SWOOP find their missing leader? Find out on TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS – “WRECKAGE”!"


"After a fierce battle against WRECK-GAR and the JUNKIONS, MEGATRON replaces his ruined right arm with the remains of those who came before him. Shortly after, SKYWARP touches down and together they escape the madness of the planet of Junk. SLUDGE and SWOOP, however, are unable to find their missing leader, and head elsewhere to continue their search."

Easy campaign[]

The Junkion Horde

Medium campaign[]

Fear of the Unknown

Hard campaign[]

Megatron Rising

Space Bridge Cards[]

Megatron (13) 16x Attack Bonus

Megatron (13) Weapon

Skywarp (8) 10x Attack Bonus

Skywarp (8) Weapon

Nemesis Prime (3)

Grimlock (8)

Reward Cards[]

Wreck-Gar (3)

Wreck-Gar (3) Weapon

Sludge (6)

Sludge (6) Weapon

Junkions (1)

Junkions (1) Weapon

Swoop (6)

Swoop (6) Weapon

Boss Capture Cards[]

Swoop (7) 10x Attack Bonus

Sludge (6) 5x Attack Bonus

Junkions (1) 5x Attack Bonus

Swoop (6) 5x Attack Bonus